A happier society,
one conversation at a time


Come on 2019, we’re
better than that.


In 2016 a campaign to encourage talking on the tube failed, miserably. So, what’s new?

Heads down, headphones in, avoid eye contact, get to work. That’s the easy option, right?

What if, even just once a month, instead of praying for an empty double seat on the top deck of the bus, you sat next to that person, smiled and had a chat?

Not every day, certainly not, we’re too grumpy for that, but what if once in a while, we all chose a friendly conversation over that gripping tech podcast or the new Taylor Swift album for the 9th time that week.

That’s what #HappyToTalk is about, whether you buy a badge or make one out of paper, it’s a social movement seeking to make friendly exchanges the norm, a shared story and a smile, a 5-minute friendship, a moment that changes someone’s day for the better.

Thank you for being a part of it.

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If it’s only for one commute a year, join the movement


“Commuters reported a significantly more positive commute when they connected with a stranger than sat in solitude.”

— 2014 Study, “Mistakenly Seeking Solitude”, Nicholas Epley and Juliana Schroeder, University of Chicago


Supporting Run Talk Run

£2 from every badge sold online and 50p from every badge sold at John Lewis goes to Run Talk Run, a global mental health support community organising daily runs around the globe.

Additional profits will be donated to selected charities on an annual basis.